About Us

Our Story

Pacific Dream Seafood is a family-owned business dedicated to high quality Dungeness crab and other seafood, delivered from sea to table. It all comes from a passion for fishing. Our founder, Jerod, started when he was 14 in Kodiak, Alaska. In 2002, he bought his first boat and eventually started bringing his own catches to live markets down in Washington. When he saw this was a valuable service to customers, he expanded the business to start bringing other fishermen’s catches to markets as well. As the company grew, we added improvements like a processing facility to make sure quality was controlled and reliable for the big orders we now serve. We might be bigger, but the mission is the same, for customers around the world.

Pacific Dream Seafoods employee
Holding live Dungeness crab

Our Mission

We strive to deliver the freshest and highest quality seafood products sustainably. From the outset, it’s been about respecting everyone in the process from the customer to the delivery workers, processors, fishermen, and the oceans they rely on. As we grow, we make sure to never lose sight of our values and live up to our commitments.

Company Values

Loyalty: we have spent years building the relationships that make us successful

Reliability: we keep our supply chain running smoothly so that businesses and individual customers alike can always count on us

Sustainability: we believe in educating customers and partners to protect our oceans and keep seafood a healthy business into the future

Quality: there’s always other fish in the sea—our customers choose us because we make sure to only offer the best in every shipment

Pacific Dream Seafoods truck driver

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Before we founded Pacific Dream Seafood, we were fishermen ourselves. And before that, we were young kids with a passion for fishing and crabbing, learning about the delicate balance of sea life we interacted with. As the company grew, we’ve developed a deep appreciation for the ocean and our environment—it’s not only something our business relies on, but also something everyone on the planet shares. To preserve it for future generations, we have to develop, adopt, and enforce responsible fishing and aquaculture practices. We enforce these values through selective partnerships with fishermen who meet our standards, and through educating our partners and customers.

In addition to our own practices, we are a member of FishChoice, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with the leading sustainable seafood programs and leaders in the seafood industry. They work to advance sustainability in our industry, and we’re proud to be recognized as a member of their ranks.