Frequently Asked Questions

How do I thaw my frozen Dungeness crab?2023-11-28T13:10:08-08:00

Frozen product should be thawed slowly under refrigeration.  Try to thaw on an as needed basis and keep chilled until use. Do not refreeze crab. The best way to thaw frozen Dungeness crab  is to put them in the refrigerator overnight (at least 8 hours). The exact time can vary depending on several factors like the temperature of your refrigerator and the size of the crab or clusters. However, a general rule for thawing seafood in the refrigerator is about 24 hours for every 4 to 5 pounds of product.

One or some of my crab arrived dead, what do I do?2022-06-28T09:29:57-07:00

Your Dungesss Crabs have been packed at near freezing temperatures for the past 12-24 hours. In this cold and low oxygen environment, expect them to be lethargic and slow moving. Even if the crab don’t appear to be alive, they are still fine to cook and consume as long as they are kept cold up until you prep and cook.

When not to consume your crab, things to look for:

  • Foul smell
  • Gel packs melted and soft
  • Poor condition of the outer box

Contact us immediately with any issues at info@pacdream.com or 360-293-5200

How do you cook Live Dungeness Crab?2021-11-17T00:14:28-08:00

There are various methods to cooking dungeness crab. Check out our blog post about some of our favorites. Healthy & Easy Dungeness Crab Cake Recipe

Do you have your own fisherman?2021-11-13T01:45:16-08:00

We do not employ fishermen, we instead have our own fleet of trusted fisherman partners.

I’m in Washington state, can I purchase and pick up directly from your facility?2022-10-18T15:13:30-07:00

Yes, if you are in the area and would prefer to pick up your order from our Anacortes facility just fill out our Pickup Form and select your desired pickup time. 

Do you ship Seafood all year long?2022-06-28T09:13:19-07:00

Yes, we ship Live and Frozen Dungeness Crab all year. The Spot Prawn season is relatively short—it usually starts in May and lasts 6-8 weeks.

Do you ship Live Dungeness Crab every day?2022-06-28T09:14:43-07:00

Shipments are made via UPS Next Day or FedEx Priority Overnight to make sure they get to you as fresh as possible. Due to UPS/FedEx’s operating schedule, overnight shipments cannot be delivered on Sundays, Mondays, major holidays or the day after major holidays.

How fast does your Dungeness crab get to me?2022-06-28T09:17:09-07:00

Typically our live Dungeness crab is packaged, and delivered live to you in 24 hours. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent UPS/Fedex from delivering on time.

How do you keep Dungeness Crabs alive during transit?2022-06-28T09:18:06-07:00

Once the Dungeness Crabs are caught and brought to the dock by our fishermen, they are then put into large, open-top tanks where they will stay for a minimum 24 hours in a nutrient filled seawater solution. To prepare the live crabs for shipment, we place bands around their front claws and then put them in cold water to sedate them for their journey. The crabs are then either trucked or flown to their destination within 24 hours. 

When you say “Live Seafood” do you actually mean it’s alive?2021-11-13T01:19:01-08:00

You bet! We take special care in the handling and care of our product, so don’t get pinched!

How soon after receiving my crab do I need to cook it?2022-06-28T09:19:51-07:00

Live crab should be cooked shortly after they arrive—we recommend cooking it by the night of the day you receive it for the safest consumption and optimal taste. To learn how to keep them alive, see our article How to Handle Live Crab. 

What is your commitment to sustainability?2021-11-13T01:05:49-08:00

We’re a member of FishChoice, a leading seafood community that values environmentally responsible seafood production, and we have our own sustainability initiatives too. Learn more >

How much does it cost to ship a box of Live Dungeness Crab?2022-06-28T09:21:48-07:00

Our shipping costs are dependent on UPS/FedEx and their rates. We do our best to continually negotiate the best rates we can. In the checkout process, you will see your costs after you add your shipping address.

Where does your Dungeness Crab come from?2021-11-13T01:03:19-08:00

We catch it daily off the Washington, Oregon and California Coast. 

What’s your best seller?2021-11-13T00:58:23-08:00

Without a doubt, it’s our Live Dungeness Crab. It’s part of why we’re the largest, most reliable supplier of it in the US!

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