Tote of Live Dungeness crab

One of the most common questions customers ask us is “How do you keep Dungeness Crabs alive” and “Are they actually alive when they arrive at my door?” The answer to the first one is what we’ll explain in detail below and the answer to the second question is “yes, they are alive!”

Pacific Dream Seafoods started shipping live Dungeness Crab across the US and abroad in 2004. Once the Dungeness Crabs are caught and brought to the dock by our fisherman, they are then put into large, open-top tanks where they will stay for 24 hours in a nutrient filled seawater solution.

To prepare the live crabs for shipment, we place bands around their front claws and then put them in cold water to sedate them for their journey. Being the journey is always 24 hours or less, the crabs are packed into boxes lined with a plastic bag and an insulating layer. We then pump a bunch of oxygen into the bag and tie it shut. The crabs are then either trucked or flown to their destination. When they arrive, they are alive, yet somewhat sedated and ready for you.

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About the author: Jonathan Mark

Jon has been with Pacific Dream Seafoods for over 10 years and heads up our purchase and sales.